2015 Conference

Conference theme image - NWMET & Walla Walla: A Perfect Pairing - April 22-24, 2015

NWMET & Walla Walla: A Perfect Pairing – April 22-24, 201

Conference Session Recordings

Hashtag: #NWMET15


NW/MET traveled from the verdant Willamette Valley to the beautiful Blue Mountains in Walla Walla, WA for the 2015 annual conference, April 22-24, hosted by Whitman College.

We have “peered” from the peaks toward the road ahead and navigated amazing digital feats in the Oregonian territory. The 2015 conference participants will came away with renewed energy and know-how to head current and future challenges in instructional support in higher education, encompassing topics such as online learning, accessibility, and active learning.


Marcus Whitman Hotel Rates and Contact Information - Room Rates: Single occupancy: $83, double occupancy: $103. Reservations: 866-826-9422. www.marcuswhitmanhotel.com
NWMET Room Rates: Single Occupancy $83, Double Occupancy $103.  For reservations call 866-826-9422 or go to www.marcuswhitmanhotel.com website.