2011 Conference

Theme: “Aloha, Analog!”
hashtag: #NWMET11


Sunday, April 10 through Tuesday, April 12
Vendor Faire, Monday April 11th


  • Opening Keynote presentation by Dr. Randy Blazak
  • Evening Presentation, Dinner and Entertainment at the Gorge Discovery Center

Location and Lodging:

Skamania Lodge, Stephenson, Washington

Though the Oregon Caucus is coordinating and hosting this year’s event (PCC & PSU) , we have selected a location on the Washington side of the river in the Columbia Gorge, so that our large constituency from Washington has the opportunity to join us. We have also worked to keep this event as economic and expense inclusive as possible- all meals, events , wi-fi services and your annual dues for NW/MET are included in the cost of attendance.

We encourage you to come and bring your ideas to present, and your spouse or partner to share the stunning backdrop of the Columbia Gorge.

Message from the Director:

Greetings Northwest Education Technology Community-

I am delighted and proud to serve an organization that has encouraged my professional development within our regional community of practice.

It is my goal as 2011-2012 director to continue developing our active discussions around topics whose themes have emerged from our annual conference at Skamania. Throughout this next year, we will be moving our website and communication tools over into the cloud, using Google suite to better support our distributed planning and work needs. With limited resources and rising demands for service to our campuses and beyond,  it becomes more important than ever for us to utilize the collaborative strengths of our instructional tool kit to share discoveries and knowledge wherever possible. We now wield communication tools our grandparents only knew of as science fiction, and though we don’t yet jet to work in our flying cars, smartphones are the equivalent of a tricorder. (I think the tech geeks will get the Star Trek reference somehow. ;))

We describe ourselves as “group therapy for ed tech geeks”, and I genuinely enjoy you all as peers who have created an organization so open to supporting one another through both smooth and challenging times. Our sense of what we accomplish together is great fuel for those days when the pace of change seems overwhelming- with you all, I know I’m not alone as we progress forth.

Here’s to a great year of service, 


Monica Marlo Martinez-Gallagher
2011-2012 NW/MET Director
Portland Community College