Caucus Chair Responsibilities


  • Responsible for submissions to the NWMET website.
  • Write articles, find articles or solicit from colleagues. Submit to the Website Content Manager.


  • Canvass eligible colleagues for potential members.
  • Maintain a list of current members and post-secondary media operations.
  • Give application forms and letters of invitation (provided by Membership Coordinator) to prospective members OR forward names and addresses to the Membership Coordinator. (See masthead of current Directoryl for officer names and Directory for addresses.)


  • Convene and chair caucus meetings as required.
  • Convene and chair a caucus meeting at the annual conference.
  • Report caucus resolutions and minutes to the NW/MET Executive Board, and to the membership as appropriate.


  • Subscribe to and participate in the NW/MET e-mail discussion list.
  • Be a conduit for information between the Executive Board, caucus members and general membership.
  • Write articles and updates for the NW/MET website.

NWMET EXECUTIVE responsibilities to the caucus rep:

  • Maintain and circulate a membership list.
  • Communicate deadlines for website submission and other reports.
  • Advise caucus reps of executive decisions and other information that needs to be communicated to the membership.
  • Provide caucus reps with an information package, including roles, responsibilities and info on the history and objectives of NWMET.   Updated from: 2005 Journal.