2018 MET Money

NW/MET 2018 Conference
Corvallis, Oregon
April 18-20


2018 sees the triumphant return of MET Money! Introduced in 2017 in Helena, MT by Carroll College, MET Money is a fantastic way for sponsors and attendees to engage with eachother. Attendees will be able to use MET Money to bid on items at the Thursday night auction. Sponsors have MET Money. Attendees want MET Money.

2018 series MET Money will be the only valid currency for the auction on Thursday night. Sorry folks, if you’ve saved up your 2017 MET Money, keep it as a souvenir.

Attendees are encouraged to wheel and deal with their MET Money. Share it. Trade it. Donate it. The more MET Money you have, the more likely you’ll be to win at auction.

A sample of MET Money
A sample of MET Money