Welcome to NW/MET, the Northwest College and University Council for Management of Educational Technology. We are an organization of Educational Technology units at universities and colleges in the Pacific Northwest region of the United States and in western Canada.

NW/MET has two main objectives:

  1. To develop an identity among professionals managing media services, faculty and instructional development, media production, and other educational technology services in higher education institutions in the Northwest.
  2. To improve the process of managing faculty and instructional support programs.

In more specific terms, NW/MET strives:

  1. To further enhance the field of audiovisual services and/or the processes of educational technology. To provide leadership among higher education colleagues in the research about and application of principles that will facilitate the teaching-learning process through the use of educational technology. To further identify the unique roles played by institution-wide educational technology programs when compared with non-audiovisual programs. To determine program standards against which audiovisual or educational technology programs can be measured and evaluated. To establish the Northwest as a seat for excellence in audiovisual or educational technology programs serving postsecondary education institutions. To provide access for exchange of specialized information between institutions related to the development and operation of audiovisual and educational technology programs. To share intellect for addressing and solving problems held in common.
  2. To provide for a variety of processes that facilitate continued lifelong learning for professionals accepted into membership in the association.