Welcome to the Northwest Managers of Educational Technology (NW/MET), a consortium of Educational Technology professionals from colleges and universities in the American Pacific Northwest and Intermountain regions and Western Canada. With membership that has expertise in software, hardware, A/V, and instructional design, NW/MET is an easy way to stay ahead of the curve while staying close to home. NW/MET began officially in 1978, making it one of the oldest support groups for A/V professionals in the world.

NW/MET is an organization bridging tradition and innovation for academics. We offer our members an opportunity to present results of research and experiences and network with professionals in a region whose problems and solutions are similar to one’s own.

Our objectives are to develop an identity among professionals managing media services, faculty and instructional development, media production, and other educational technology services in higher education institutions in the Northwest, and to improve the process of managing faculty and instructional support programs.

Please review our bylaws.